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S8307881Greetings to all those who made it as far as clicking onto this ‘about me’ page. I’ll try to make it interesting but frankly, I’m not promising.

I’m Mrs O, a mid-thirties lady (how did that happen?!) from the north of England and now living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, along with my husband and baby daughter.

We moved here three years ago and it’s been a surreal, enriching and mostly fabulous experience so far. The arrival of Little O has added joy, belly laughter and a sprinkling of sleep deprivation to our lives.

My professional background is as a senior HR professional. An ideal career for a person curious about how people tick. I have to admit it hasn’t really helped much in my new role as mama, it seems all the rules and policies for motherhood are ones I didn’t cover in HR school. With a bit of luck, and a lot of support over tea and cake with new-found mum friends, I reckon my training is going ok so far.

This blog is my little bit of escapism from every day life, a place to hideout, so grab yourself a cup of tea (and ideally some cake) and join me. I’ll be ruminating on parenting, reporting on life in Abu Dhabi and sharing my never ending research on ways to refresh and re-energise.


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