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Before I begin, I’ll tell you this is not a sponsored post. The thoughts I’m going to jot down over the next few minutes are based on goods I purchased without obligation, and therefore I can speak freely and give my honest views. I’m sharing this as it may come in useful to others looking for unique gifts. 


I’m notoriously bad at buying gifts. Granted, I’m improving with time, but I still make the occasional dodgy purchase.

My fortunes recently took a turn for the better when I discovered Smallprint Abu Dhabi. I was in the throes of searching for a Father’s Day gift when I saw Smallprint advertised at a baby shopping event.

Smallprint is a company which makes personalised silver jewellery and keepsakes. Items can be imprinted with hand and foot prints, fingerprints, or even inscribed with a child’s handwriting. The company has the technology to copy prints onto the jewellery, albeit scaled down to fit.

I was looking for something personal and a bit different, and this seemed to fit the bill.


I made contact via facebook with Carol-Anne, the lovely lady running Smallprint Abu Dhabi. I originally planned to visit her, either at her base, or at one of the many markets she attends around the city. Then I was struck by the idea of finding out whether any of my mum-mates would be interested in buying something too.

A quick straw poll received a resounding ‘yes’. It seems we were all struggling for gifts for the men in our lives. I set about arranging a coffee morning and Carol-Anne confirmed she was happy to come along. One of my friends described it as ‘like a very cool tupperware party’.

Carol-Anne brought along many examples of the items she could make for us, including bracelets, necklaces, charms, cufflinks and keyrings. I selected a pair of cufflinks for my husband, with Little O’s hand and foot prints. I couldn’t resist getting something for myself too, so selected a bracelet with two charms, one hand and one foot print. On the back of each charm it was also possible to have an inscription so I chose to have Little O’s name and ‘9 months’ (as a record of her age at the time).


The process of taking the hand and foot prints was fairly quick and without drama. A ‘wet-wipe’ is applied to the hand / foot and then a print taken on special paper. Carol-Anne was very patient with all the mums and babies and happy to take repeated prints until we got prints we were happy with. Babies being babies, there was a lot of wriggling going on, which didn’t always make for the best prints first time around! This meant our coffee morning lasted a lot longer than I had booked Carol-Anne for, but she happily stayed to make sure we all had chance to get our prints.

On ordering, a deposit is paid, with the remainder to be paid on delivery. Obviously in the run-up to Father’s Day there was a high demand and Carol was very busy, however we all received our goods within 2 weeks, in good time before the big day. Everything was beautifully packaged and labelled and each item came with a care card explaining how best to care for our solid silver goods.

My husband is generally not the most ‘expressive’ soul but he seemed very happy with his gift! I love my bracelet too.

The feedback I received from friends who also ordered items from Smallprint has all been positive.

If you’d like to learn more visit the Smallprint Abu Dhabi Facebook Page


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