Weird Things My Baby Loves

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that most parents secretly (or even not-so-secretly) crave just a few minutes each day to take a breath, drink a cup of tea whilst it’s hot and maybe even read half a page of a trashy magazine. You know, the ones with pictures of whippersnapper celebrities you don’t recognize, as they rose to fame after the baby arrived. It’s way too energy-taxing to read a ‘proper’ book on a diet of snack food sprinkled with sleep deprivation (or is that just me?).

Anyway, in an effort to achieve these few moments of peace, many parents invest a fair amount of time and money finding ways to entertain their little ones. Little O has a massive pile of ‘nearly new’ toys which, until recently, kept her urge to chew brightly coloured plastic objects reasonably well satisfied. But, as she gets older, Little O seems to gravitate towards non-toys for finding amusement. I seem to spend my days following her around the living room taking things out of her hands and steering her away from perilous household objects.

There are a few things she seems to adore, in particular:

1. Wooden Coasters 

Such a simple and inexpensive item, but for Little O the humble drinks coaster is like a precious jewel. In particular, coasters made from wood. Once she has one in her possession, wrangling it back is nigh on impossible. For throwing, banging, chewing and all round general enjoyment, the coaster is second to none.

Well-loved coasters

Well-loved coasters


At least these are non-dangerous objects, unlike…..


2. Plug Sockets

The lure of the plug socket is too great for Little O to resist. Even with a socket guard to prevent her little fingers getting stuck in the plug holes, the little switch next to the socket is still the best thing in the world.

Temptation in a nutshell

Temptation in a nutshell


Little O can spot an un-guarded socket from 100 paces and either immediately commando crawl or scoot at 40 miles per hour in her walker towards it, with a look of glee on her face. That is, until mummy or daddy ninja-jumps in front of her to stop her in her tracks. Cue very angry baby, only to be distracted from shrieking by…


3. The Remote Control

Ok, so this one isn’t so weird, I can see that a remote control has interesting buttons and the power to switch on Little O’s favourite cartoons. But the weird thing is that she doesn’t want to press the buttons, or switch on the TV. She just wants to chew it.


4. Wires

Following on from the theme of plug sockets, Little O is also partial to electrical wires. She tries many creative strategies to get near to the wires at the back of the TV, floor lamps and even the hairdryer. We don’t let her, of course, to her absolute disgust. Once she realises she is not going to be able to grab a handful of wires, generally she heads for….


5. My Ears

Little O loves to play a game of ‘lets try to pull mummy’s ear off’. Occasionally she will grace Daddy with this game too. Somehow the humble human ear is a source of great amusement, to be examined, poked and pulled. Woe betide any innocent person daring to wear a dangly earring within arms-reach of Little O. Like the saying about a swan being able to take your arm off, Little O could surely take an ear off. I have therefore perfected the art of holding her and being able to dance-move my head away, the moment I see a hand reaching towards my lobes. I’m looking forward to this phase swiftly jogging on, hopefully soon. Until then, I’m in the market for a massive pair of protective ear muffs. Is anyone selling?


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18 thoughts on “Weird Things My Baby Loves

  1. Haha I am still trying to get my toddler to play with toys. I just stopped buying them. And if she does pick up a toy in the toy store…I only get it for her if she can actually carry it around for the whole time we are in the store. If she dumps it after a few minutes I know she didn’t really want it haha. Great post! #AnythingGoes

  2. The plug thingy has always worried me but at the same time my little brother stuck a bobby pin in one when he was little and lived. Zapped him good enough that he never tried that again. It’s hard to watch them every second of every day. Especially the 3 little monsters I have. I am visiting from #anythinggoes 🙂

  3. Glad to know that our son is not the only one into weird non toys! Our 10.5m is into cork coasters which he bites a bit off every chance he gets, toes (his own and ours), anything paper; toilet paper, wipes, tissue paper, magazines, print outs, and the (dirty) stroller wheels!

  4. I’ve always wondered why I bothered buying my children toys when they were littler, when food storage containers were so much more interesting to them! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  5. Ha ha! My 18 month old likes similar no-toy toys. His favourite’s at the moment are the controls (hidden away as the batteries have a tendency to fall out), switches on the plug sockets, my mouth (to shove his fingers in and scratch my gums, ouch!) and the brush in the kitchen (at least he’s cleaning I guess, when he’s not bashing his brother with it). Any utensil or baking trays etc. are good, happy with those and the rubber coasters as toys, at least they are safe’ish. 🙂 x

  6. Ha kids are funny! Luckily mine didn’t get into the plug thing missed that one! Mine did like the remote and keyboard buttons that wasn’t fun!#pickandmixfriday x

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