The Next Big Thing

The elusive wooden activity cube

The elusive wooden activity cube

Been there, done that....

Been there, done that….

Nobody can accuse me of not having my finger on the pulse of Abu Dhabi motherhood. I’m pretty certain of the Next Big Thing.

A celebrity parenting-advice-giver? A utopian soft play area which allows parents to enjoy cake and coffee inside its padded walls?

No. The Next Big Thing for all the cool kids is….. wait for it…. a wooden activity cube. Previously it was the Jumperoo, but that’s soooo last season.

Furthermore, the cool kids know that buying such items NEW (shock horror!) is for Rookies. Those in-the-know seek out the nearly new.

Is it just me or do the facebook selling pages have some kind of magical powers that lure us in, whispering ‘buy me gullible parent, buy me!’?

Something spooky definitely takes hold of my fingers and forces me to type ‘next please’ each time I spy an age-appropriate, clean-looking piece of baby toy heaven.

In my previous life I wasn’t known for buying second-hand but since Little O arrived, I’m all over it. It started with Jumperoogate. Everyone NEEDS one, I’m told. Little O showed a passing interest whilst observing a fellow baby bounce around in one. Cue a fervent, obsessive search for a second hand jumperoo at the best possible knockdown price. We also hunt in packs. A fellow mum-in-the-know helped get me in first on a facebook posting to claim a Jumperiffic bargain. I am forever indebted to this wonderful woman. The Jumperoo was an excellent purchase. It continues to amuse Little O and keep her safely in one place whilst I indulge in luxuries such as quickly grabbing random cold stuff from the fridge for lunch, or dashing for a quick trip to the water closet.

It’s not just an Abu Dhabi thing, believe me. Reliable sources tell me that cities far and wide are awash with mothers scouring facebook for baby tat with the diligence and dedication once reserved for our day jobs.

Somehow, the toys being scouted follow definite trends. Actually, its really quite logical that swarms of mothers with babies of similar age search for the same things at the same time. Which brings me back to the wooden activity cube. I’m now the smug owner of said item. There remains a large group of babies within a 10 mile radius being deprived of this item until such time the nearly-new supply catches up with demand. For those with one to sell, have a heart and list it quick!

In the meantime, I’m furtively eyeing up the most popular toys at mum-gatherings and polishing my crystal ball ready to predict which item will soon be all the rage. Smart trike, anyone?

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